Product and the Digital Transformation Approach

Truth be told, digital transformation is no ‘new kid on the block’. From Cloud Infrastructure to Platform-As-A-Service, the integration of digital transformation into products brought in commendable results. These results are visible across diverse industry genres that include the manufacturing, medical, and P&C industries. For example, A. Manufacturing industry  In this industry, the digital transformation approaches

Building the Right Product

The groundwork involved in developing a product is a mammoth task in itself. Why else do you think a Project Manager goes berserk? So, why again did we start focusing on the PMs? Well, they are a key angle to this topic. Considering the role, they hold in projects, they are the ones who decide

The Importance of a Website in India

A lot of businesses often ask us, “Why do we need a website?” The answer is simple and the good part is there’s not one but tons of benefits of having a website for your business. Let’s have a look at some of them, 1. Your Website is your online business card Until 2020, things

AutomateWoo Brings Automated Communication

AutomateWoo is this handy extension for WooCommerce that adds trigger actions based on your online store’s activity. Did someone abandon their cart? Remind them by email. Did someone make a purchase? Ask them to leave a review or follow up to see how they’re liking the product so far.This sort of automated communication is gold.

Why After Sales Support Is Important After Launching A Website

With After Sales Support from Shah Technologiez Ensure That Your Site Stays Up To Date & Fully Optimized For The Long Haul! If you’re a business owner, an executive for a leading organization, or an individual sole proprietor, the chances are high that you’ve invested in your own website. And more than likely, you had