Truth be told, digital transformation is no ‘new kid on the block’. From Cloud Infrastructure to Platform-As-A-Service, the integration of digital transformation into products brought in commendable results. These results are visible across diverse industry genres that include the manufacturing, medical, and P&C industries.

For example,

A. Manufacturing industry 

In this industry, the digital transformation approaches (as explained in our article Digital Transformation In Manufacturing) brought in hybrid products. Such products led to the perfect combination of the traditional gating procedure and the software development process.

B. Healthcare sector

With the digital transformation creating waves across all industries, the medical industry refused to fall behind. As a result, came the healthcare applications that have become a necessity for 2020 and beyond.

C. Miscellaneous

Like the sharks in the major industries, the relatively minor ones like the Wine Business too went on to be Technology-driven! This digital transformation-stricken product development-based awareness was possibly the most desired one across 2020!