With After Sales Support from Shah Technologiez Ensure That Your Site Stays Up To Date & Fully Optimized For The Long Haul!

If you’re a business owner, an executive for a leading organization, or an individual sole proprietor, the chances are high that you’ve invested in your own website. And more than likely, you had that website designed and developed by a leading web design and development firm that specializes in building websites for one of the world’s leading web hosting platforms, WordPress

Now that you have your brand new website with a flawless interface, an exceptional user experience, and an intuitive structure, you can sit back and watch as the leads come pouring in and you work to convert those leads into new clients or customers! However, did you stop to think about after-sales support? 

Did you know that after sales support after launching your WordPress site is even more important than actually launching it to begin with? Here’s why!

Updates & Maintenance

When it comes to your new website, do you consider yourself a web-friendly person? In other words, would you be able to quickly update your website if needed? Could you add a new widget to your site that offers a new feature for your clients? Do you understand advanced computer coding and programming languages that can help you to customize your WordPress site? If not, you’ll need some helpful support! 

Security & Backups

When it comes to your new website, a healthy website results in a healthy business, as well as healthy, happy, and satisfied customers! Routine scans and health checks will help to ensure that your site is free from malware, spam, and blacklisting at all times. In addition, if an intrusion ever does occur, regular and routine data backups will ensure that your files are protected from any unforeseen cyber threat. 

Status Monitoring & Optimization

Let’s face it, the world of the internet is certainly not predictable. An outage can occur when you least expect it, and an after-sales support team will help to ensure that your site is back up and running quickly so that you can continue to connect with your clients and customers and drive profits. 

Shah Technologiez

Shah Technologiez is proud to help you free yourself from the stress caused by managing and maintaining your website. At the end of the day, web design and development simply may not be your thing – and that’s okay! Our skilled web developers, web designers, and WordPress experts are here to ensure that we take the burden off of your shoulders so that you can focus on what’s really important – managing your business. 

Inquire today about our after sales support, because as you can see, that type of service is completely and inarguably priceless!